LM Instant Lawn

LM_Berea Instant LawnLM (Berea) grass is ideal for shady and semi-shade areas of the garden but can also be planted in full sun areas. LM (Berea) grass is usually not recommended if you have pets or if there is a lot of traffic on the grass as the roots can easily get damaged which will have an effect the growth of the grass.

LM (Berea) is a soft grass with broad leaf which curls on the edges. LM (Berea) is relatively heat and drought tolerant and can recover quickly from extreme exposure. LM (Berea) is a creeper and grows on top of the soil and is not so invasive as Kikuyu grass but LM (Berea) and Kikuyu works great combined to cover shady areas where Kikuyu will not grow. It is important to remember not to cut LM (Berea) as short as Kikuyu grass as it will expose the roots of LM (Berea) grass which can easily damage the grass and influence growth.


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