Kikuyu Instant Lawn

Green Africa Lawn specializes in Kikuyu Instant Lawn and offers premium quality Kikuyu grass. Our Kikuyu grass is treated with natural organic fertilizers to ensure an optimum quality product is produced.

Kikuyu grass is ideal for sunny areas of the garden but can also be planted in semi – shade areas as long as it gets 60% sun in a day. Kikuyu is a tough grass and is recommended if you have pets.

Kikuyu Instant Lawn is very popular as it is inexpensive and is known for its drought tolerance; however, it grows best in humid conditions and need about 25 mm of water per week.

It has high invasive potential due to it’s elongate rhizomes and stolons, with which it penetrates the ground, rapidly forming dense mats, and suppressing other plant species. It grows from a thick network of rhizomatous roots and sends out stolons which extend along the ground. It can climb over other plant life, shading it out and producing herbicidal toxins that kill competing plants. If you take good care of your Kikuyu lawn you will not have problems with invasive species of grass and weeds.

Kindly contact us should you require any further information on our premium quality Kikuyu Instant Lawn.